Upgrade your Kandi/Coleman Golf Cart

Our Mobile Technicians can do most accessory installs right in your driveway.

Kandi / Coleman Golf Cart Upgrades

Call or text (813) 694-9188 to order accessories/upgrades.


Perfect to enclose your golf cart for rainy or cold weather.

Speed Adjustments

Tired of the Jerky Acceleration and slow speeds? We can tune your cart to ride smoother and faster.

Street Legal Services

Converting your golf cart to an LSV in Florida can be tricky. We can help install all the needed accessories, and help with the Title Paperwork.

Wheel Spacers

Wheel Spacers give your cart a wider and more stable stance. This set comes with 1.5" spacers for the front, and 2" Spacers for the Rear.


Upgrade your cart with an ECOxGEAR Bluetooth Soundbar.

Glovebox Covers

Designed to fit the Kandi 4P and 6P

LED Underglow

Light up the underside of your cart, controllable with your smart phone. Can be set to any color.

Running Boards

Add a running boards to your 4p,

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